Canoptec Scarabs



“Adversary, know that your squalid colony rests upon a rightful crown world of the Novokh Dynasty. Know also that whilst your presence cannot be tolerated, we are bound by code of honour to allow you opportunity to withdraw. You are therefore granted one solar month, commencing at termination of this transmission, to remove all trace of your presence. If you fail to accept this generous offer, my armies shall conclude these negotiations. We advise you not to mistake honourable warning for lack of resolve.”
                   —Necron ultimatum received byPlanetary Governor Mendican Harrow                    of Imperial Hive World Dhol VI

Necron Immortals

“What care I that my legions are faceless? Identity matters only to those who have the ability to think: my Immortals and Lychguard, perhaps; my Lords and Crypteks, certainly. For the remainder of my vassals? Well, suffice to say that the concept of glory is wasted on the inglorious.”
                   — Imotekh the Stormlord, Phaeron of the Sautekh Dynasty,                                     Regent of Mandragora